5 Best Guitar Accessories For Acoustic Players

1. Guitar Capo

One of the most useful guitar accessories is the guitar capo. The guitar capo allows you to instantly change the key that you’re playing in.

For example, when playing with a capo on the 5th fret and using G chord shapes, you’ll actually be playing in the key of C. This can add a lot of options for creativity and can change the sound of the guitar in interesting ways.

This can be especially helpful if you sing while playing or if you’ll be playing with a vocalist. You’ll instantly be able to transpose your key to suit a particular singer’s voice. Every guitarist needs to have a capo sooner or later.

Be sure that you buy a capo and learn how to use it if you want to have an easier time singing or accompanying others as a guitarist.

2. Clip-On Tuner

Probably the most important type of guitar accessory for any player is a guitar tuner. A well-tuned guitar can make even the most beginner player sound 10x better, but a guitar that isn’t tuned can make even the best player sound worse. Don’t underestimate the value of a guitar tuner.

There are several types of guitar tuners available including electric guitar tuners, pedal tuners, and clip-on guitar tuners. You can also easily download a free guitar tuner such as GuitarTuna on your smartphone.

Since I mostly play acoustic guitar, I prefer using a clip-on tuner. Clip-on tuners make tuning very simple by picking up the vibrations of the guitar. You’ll also be able to tune it even when there’s a lot of noise going around you. This makes it ideal for jam sessions or busking. Electric players, on the other hand, would probably make the best use of a pedal tuner that an electric guitar can be plugged into directly.

If you want to learn more about the different types of guitar tuners that are available, be sure to check out my post about guitar tuners on Music to My Wallet after you’re done reading this one.

3. Metronome

A metronome is one of the best tools you can use with your guitar when practicing. Practicing with a metronome allows you to practice your timing which is essential for improving your playing. With a metronome, you’ll be able to easily set a tempo and have a steady beat to practice with.

It’s especially important to practice with a metronome if you want to be prepared for playing with a band or ensemble. However, even though I mostly play solo, I’ve done plenty of practicing with metronomes to improve my timing as well.

If you’re serious about improving when playing your instrument, a metronome is essential. It can be a great help when learning scales and modes or when trying to build up your finger strength. However, keep in mind that metronomes aren’t just good for lead players but are just as important for playing rhythm.

You can easily find both digital and old-fashioned metronomes at your local music store. Like tuners, there are also metronomes you can use in your web browser or on your phone as well.

4. Guitar Strap

If you ever plan on playing on stage either solo or in a band a guitar strap is very important. Playing with a guitar strap can make you seem more professional and allow you to have a much better stage presence. While singer/songwriters and solo acoustic players often do sit down when playing, if you’re in a band you’ll pretty much always need to stand up.

Playing with a guitar strap can be a lot of fun and while it can be difficult to get used to at first, it will allow you to become a more versatile player and potentially a great performer as well. Make sure to get a guitar strap for your guitar as soon as possible.

5. Carrying Case

Like the guitar strap, a carrying case isn’t really necessary if you’ll only be playing your acoustic guitar in your bedroom. However, if you want to go out and jam with friends or rock an open mic night, you’ll probably be going to want to get one sooner or later.

The main decision you’ll want to make when buying a carrying case is whether you want a protected hardshell case or just a gig bag.

A gig bag will be cheaper and can be more convenient if you live in the city and you’ll be walking around with it often. A hardshell case, on the other hand, will be a better choice if you want to make sure it has the most protection possible.

Using the Best Guitar Accessories to Improve Your Playing

While there is an unlimited number of acoustic guitar accessories available, the items above are the best acoustic guitar accessories around. If you’re ready to expand your playing and make your guitar easier to use, you may just want to get a few of the accessories listed above.

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