Ethan Harrison Smith is an American folk singer/songwriter and performing artist, focused on creating original Americana tunes and acoustic ballads, many of which lean towards the reflective side of folk music.

Taking on a raw modern folk style, Ethan Harrison Smith uses the guitar and the harmonica, along with other instruments, to reflect on the intricacies of life: both personal and societal. A fan of modern singer/songwriters, Ethan draws inspiration from many of the modern greats when writing and performing.

While musically he takes cues from the stripped-down acoustic stylings of early Bob Dylan and James Taylor, lyrically Ethan adopts the personal sentimentality of modern indie-folk artists such as Bright Eyes, Ryan Adams, and The Avett Brothers, to create music that is at once both familiar and new.

Ethan has shared the stage with many notable singer-songwriters and artists, including live performances with Caroline Aiken, Matthew Kahler, Besides Daniel, and Lauren St. Jane. Ever versatile, he has also shared the stage with a variety of rock, punk, and indie bands such as Rookie of the Year, Trapdoor Social, Future Thieves, Not Half Bad, and Emby Alexander.

Ethan was born and raised in the North Georgia and Atlanta area, but has recently turned into a restless soul and has traveled around the United States and beyond sharing his music. Most recently, Ethan has spent time performing in Eastern Europe and Malaysia.