Ethan Harrison Smith is an American singer/songwriter and performing artist. As a performer, songwriter, and lyricist, Ethan taps into an emotional undercurrent and incorporates acoustic guitar, ukulele, harmonica, and percussion as a backdrop to his self-reflective discoveries.

In his teenage years, Ethan hoped to become a great bluegrass flatpicker, but after discovering modern folk and Americana artists such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Bright Eyes, and Josh Ritter, his interests shifted to songwriting instead.

Ethan was born and raised in North Georgia and is currently based in Cleveland, GA. However, he has also traveled extensively and has spent time living across the United States in cities including Chicago, Illinois and Flagstaff, Arizona. Ethan also travels internationally often where he writes, records, and shares his songs while on the road.

In his latest acoustic EP, Shower Over Me, Ethan writes and sings about conflicting feelings, covering topics such as hope, despair, duty, and perseverance.

Ethan has won several songwriting competitions in Atlanta-area music venues and has spent significant time gigging across the southeastern United States. He has also performed his original music around the world in countries such as Malaysia, Hungary, and Poland.

In addition to performing original music, Ethan is also known to take part in other artistic endeavors from time to time. He has spent time creating as an actor, as a playwright, and as a freelance writer and blogger.

Ethan is currently planning his debut full-length album, which he hopes to release in early/mid 2022.

Artists Supported:

  • Caroline Aiken
  • Matthew Kahler
  • Besides Daniel
  • Jonathan Peyton
  • Gibson Wilbanks
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Trapdoor Social
  • Future Thieves
  • Vilai Harrington
  • & More

Notable Venues:

  • The Velvet Note – Alpharetta, GA
  • Smith’s Olde Bar – Atlanta, GA
  • The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
  • Steve’s Live Music – Sandy Springs, GA
  • 404 Bar and Grill – Nashville, TN
  • Merdekarya – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • The Hive – Flagstaff, AZ
  • The Blue Plate Special – Knoxville, TN
  • Tin Roof – Raleigh, NC



Regional & National Touring

[email protected]